Diversity Book Club

6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

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Book Choice: Gichigami Hearts by Linda LeGarde Grover
Book clubs offer us a chance to read into the lives of those different from us. Our minds are opened to new experience all from the comfort of our armchairs. We read to broaden our horizons, and choosing diverse books is a fantastic way to start conversations with those different from us. This month’s book is the brilliantly written Gichigami Hearts: Stories and Histories from Misaabekong by Linda LeGarde Grover. Gichigami Hearts was chosen as the One Book Northland book of the year and it earns its reputation as a genius of a book. Grover tells the history of Duluth with breathtaking beauty, uncovering parts of the city’s history that might not have been known. 

Book Club Questions: 
1. What did you like most about this book? 
2. Gichigami Hearts is definitely a book about place how does Grover evoke place in her book?
3. Which members of Linda’s family/other people in the book would you like to meet?
4. How did you feel about the length of the book, could it have been longer? Shorter?
5. Have you read other books by Linda LeGarde Grover? How does Ghichigami Hearts compare?
6. What do you think was the purpose of this book? What do you think Grover was trying to get across and was she successful?
7. What did you already know about the history of Duluth? Did you know much about the Native American history of Duluth? What did you learn with this book?
8. What questions do you still have about this book?
9. What parts of Gichigami Hearts can you relate to?

Event Type(s): Author/Literary Event
Age Group(s): Adults, Seniors
Sarah Villanueva